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Put YOU first.

Y.O.U Online Bootcamp

is a study at your own pace, 6-month long, online-based business development workshop designed to teach the fundamentals of doing business online and provide the basics to get you started.



Identify your ideal online business



Plan your online business



Create your business's website

Spaces are limited

In addition to invaluable coaching and a professionally designed custom website,

The Y.O.U Online Business Bootcamp helps you:

  • Identify your best ways to make money online

  • Gain the technical knowledge to be successful online

  • Establish and learn how to maintain your online brand

  • Build your online marketing plan

  • Secure your online business

  • Hire qualified contractors

What’s Included:

Module 1: What is an Online Business

Module 2: Required materials and time frame

Module 3: Identifying your USP

Module 4: Online Marketing Part 1

Module 5: Online Marketing Part 2

Module 6: How to use a website

Module 7: Your target market

Module 8: Branding

Module 9: Planning your website

Module 10: Blogging and Social Media


Bonus:  Maintaining an online store
Bonus:  Ensuring Online security

Bonus:  Hiring contractors


Bootcamp learners also receive:

**Monthly individual and group coaching calls

**Professionally designed logo

**Professionally designed WordPress Website + 6 months of hosting  or Wix Online Store + 6 months of hosting (with content!)

  • Who is this for?
  • What kind of website will I receive?
  • Is hosting included?
  • Are there discounts or scholarships
  • Am I guaranteed to make money?
  • What If I don't want a website?
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